chestnuts pan, tripod with chain, chimneys cleaner, dormouse barrier, balcony clotheshorse, wall.
chestnuts pan, tripod with chain, chimneys cleaner, dormouse barrier, balcony clotheshorse, wall.

chestnuts pan, tripod with chain, chimneys cleaner, dormouse barrier, balcony clotheshorse, wall.



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chimneys cleaner: how to

dormouse barrierIt’s built with a diameter of 50 mm stainless metal spherical with a peak of 180 mm it is supplied with twelve blades in metal plate of forty x 35 x five mm welded to spherical itself with an inclination of 40°. The blades, suitably offset each individual other so as to protect the overall section of the chimney in which the gadget is to be inserted, have the noticeable endeavor of scraping the sooty and tarry deposits existing on the inner walls of the tube.

On the top of the central entire body of the post there is a 50 mm diameter ring built with 6 mm wire. To it, by signifies of a galvanized metal latch hook with threaded security lock, a galvanized 10 meters extensive chain is mounted. It can help a load of one hundred ten kilograms tear.

The higher stop of the chain is anchored to a metal deal with 125 x 30 x five mm that assures the secure grip and the ideal maneuverability of the system.

Black painted. The whole weight of RAPTOR one is 4,200 kg and it’s ideal for round chimneys getting a diameter from a hundred and twenty up to one hundred sixty millimeters.

What is' and how it performs

Our innovative chimneys cleaner, named "Raptor" for its incredible success and speed in the chimney-sweeping, was born as a response to my easy home wants: by having a smokestack particularly difficult to clean and could not find a answer on the market enough for my needs, I tried to create a product dependent on my many years-long knowledge as a designer and maker of steel constructions.

Immediately after I assembled the prototype, the necessary proof has persuaded me up. It was sufficient to get on the roof and, with out anybody's enable, area the "Raptor" in one particular of the aspect openings of the hearth, lower it little by little, using the powerful chain, and wait around for the fat of the machine, properly sized about five kilograms approximately dragged him down the length of the chimney.

Descending little by little together the fireplace, the "Raptor" cleaned him fully from any kind of sooty and tarry deposit accrued about time. Now, existing on the market place various types of chimneys, I believed to foresee and meet lots of of pizza shovel the probable demands of the occasional or experienced user, designing and setting up the 4 unique styles explained hereinafter.
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